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The Team

We are an agile and interdisciplinary team of creatives from advertising, digital and PR backgrounds with one thing in common, the desire to create and activate ideas at the forefront of culture, that can reach all corners of the globe, and truly earn their way into peoples lives. 

We promise to celebrate and supercharge your passion and proactivity, and provide you with access to the unparalleled connectivity and wide-ranging expertise that our independent business has to offer – from production and talent to insight and purpose.

The Role

Creative excellence is fundamental to our Clients and the work we do.  as such, we are looking for insightful, strategic, and experienced creatives to join us.Candidates will have an eye for disruptive ideas, an ability to shape these into powerful stories and a passion to make a positive impact on lives across the world. 

We are looking for creatives at all levels and are open to pairs and those from an earned, advertising or digital background who can help us find new ideas and concepts that create and harness conversations to bring about change. 

As part of the creative team, led by our Chairman and ECD, Matthew Freud, you will be conceptualising and delivering campaigns for some of the world's biggest brands, some of the most popular entertainment properties, and for organisations that have been created in order to bring about lasting change. From opening a hotel for KFC, creating a digital sporting chat show, to facilitating collaboration around UNSustainable Development Goals, or using behavioural change models to help others lead a healthier lifestyle.

Key Responsibilities

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how ideas will travel across earned platforms
  • Proven ability to take a creative thought and work it into a fully developed, thought through, realistic, in budget and timely creative idea
  • Ability to develop creative proposals to sell ideas to clients in an impactful, visual and inspiring way
  • Able to read and dissect briefs, and identify the need for creative strategy in RFPs and for retained clients
  • Deliver outstanding and original creative ideas for any client sector, across any agency brief.
  • Able to present ideas in a compelling way both internally and with external clients as required
  • Support the team to manage the proposal development process and ensure timely proposal completion
  • Build an understanding of the wider macro context around projects and clients
  • Contribute to creating and developing integrated strategies for our clients including culturally relevant reactive ideas.
  • Provide strategic rigour by ensuring the message is clearly explained and executed
  • Work collaboratively with the campaign teams to ensure the creative strategy is consistent in the campaign delivery
  • Ensure proposals, supporting materials and client-facing documents are accurate for grammar, style, continuity, and content
  • Lead creative brainstorming sessions

Skills, Knowledge and Expertise

To Apply