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Senior Strategist

The Team

We are a growing team of strategists, working with some of the world’s biggest brands and most exciting start-ups to build strategies that sit at the intersection of insight, culture, and purpose.

Whilst we won’t sit across every brief in the business, our team works across the entire Freuds Group – we develop creative communications campaigns for the likes of KFC, Evian and The National Lottery, devise social impact strategies for businesses such as McCain, EY and The Premier League, and work to grow the reputations of companies from Mars to Sony to Dior. Much like our briefs, our team experience is diverse, with talent from a mix of PR, advertising, insight, purpose consultancy, and start-ups.Together, we use this combined experience to learn from one another, play to our passions, and stretch our thinking.

The Role

As a Senior Strategist, your role will be to service the day-to-day briefs that exist across the agency and identify the opportunities where strategy can be a vehicle to grow new business. You will be a right hand to both the Business Director and the Senior Creatives. You will bring clarity to the tasks at hand and work to push the potential of our outputs, to make the work smarter, more effective, and ultimately, more famous in the real world.

Behind you, you will be supported by the unparalleled connectivity and expertise of the Freuds Group, with people and resources at your disposal to strengthen your insights, be a soundboard for your instincts, and grow your knowledge of everything from media to sustainability to technology & AI.

With a culture-first mindset, you will use your cultural know-how to be an energising and creative force in the business, keeping us to trend and rooted in reality, whilst proactively bringing reference and inspiration to the agency to highlight the power of great strategy to deliver behavioural change and creative excellence.

Key Responsibilities

Skills, Knowledge and Expertise

The successful candidate will be....

  • A strong presenter who develops impactful presentations through simple and creative storytelling.
  • Be highly experienced in insight generation and able to quickly find the hook into a strategic idea or territory – in your own work and others.
  • Be an empowering leader and mentor for junior strategists and creatives.
  • Be well-versed in reviewing creative work and providing constructive feedback to improve and inspire its development.
  • Have a good awareness and understanding of the media landscape and its influence on the success of our campaigns and creative output.
  • Have senior client experience, with the ability to grow strong and influential relationships with everyone from the brand manager to the CMO.

To Apply

Please apply to