In a world clouded by opinion - observation and prediction can only take you so far. Insight brings the perspectives of consumers and stakeholders into sharp focus through intensive research. It provides an evidence base for strategy, enabling successful reputation management. We use a bespoke mixture of quantitative and qualitative research tools and a sophisticated understanding of the consumer and opinion former context, to help clients understand what their key audiences are thinking and feeling.

Talent & Endorsements

With a long history in the bespoke matchmaking of talent with brands and causes, the freuds Talent & Endorsement team delivers voices to campaigns and celebrity to key media moments. Using a network of established contacts, our goal is to ensure that each client is able to maximise the impact of their collateral. With an unparalleled black book, specialist legal support, music clearance services and digital delivery, no other agency is as skilled at taking clients on the journey required for endorsed BTL, ATL and TTL campaigns.

Brand & Strategy Development

Brands need attention; to be thought of and talked about so they are considered and bought. Strategy too easily becomes an academic exercise that is good at theory, but lacking in practical application. Our strategy is geared to activation: to get brands talked about, to have the flexibility to adapt as the environment does and above all to actually be useful.

Health & Wellbeing

Not a day goes by without confusing and contradictory messages about personal health, diet and cures in the media. So it’s crucial that the public gets the facts in ways they connect with and understand. Our work with NGOs, pharmaceutical companies and governments, humanizes health stories with appropriate messaging, captures the media’s attention and improves the health awareness of millions.

Cause-Related Marketing, Issues & Purpose

Consumers and opinion formers now demand that firms not only provide a valuable product or service, but that they also have a positive impact on the societies in which they do business. They expect a company to articulate a purpose beyond profit - but many firms are unsure how to demonstrate their social value to consumers and the community. Whether brokering the right partnership with one of our network of non-profits, engaging in cause-related marketing or creating a bespoke internal platform, freuds will ensure that when you do good for the community, you’ll be doing good for yourself, too.

Film Publicity

From cinematic blockbuster red-carpet premieres through to unit and theatrical publicity, freuds has worked in film for almost three decades. A 16-year partnership with BAFTA, working on their award shows and events, has given us unparalleled experience in bringing excitement and entertainment to audiences worldwide on the big and small screen alike.

Media & Entertainment

From early days handling unit publicity for The Big Breakfast and TFI Friday, to launching worldwide campaigns for Live8, Band Aid Thirty, and orchestrating the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Torch Relays, freuds has always been at the epicentre of television & entertainment. Now with a dedicated team, combining full consumer, corporate and crisis expertise, we are connected across the TV and entertainment industry to run projects ranging in scale from content amplification, corporate reputation for global media companies, programme publicity and anything in-between.

Content Creation

The new media landscape has fundamentally changed the way brands communicate with their audiences. They can produce their own content and publish it independently. We have helped clients publish books, produce films and documentaries, curate art shows, all designed to support clearly defined reputational goals. We also create and curate in house content that provokes purpose-based thinking, publishing a regular journal, holding debates and providing a forum for creative thinking on topical issues.

Experiential & Events

Good events are remembered by those who were there. Great events are remembered by those who wish they were. Throughout our history, freuds has produced, marketed and publicised industry, issue and generation defining large-scale events. We helped Guinness connect with millions through music, creating, planning and launching Arthur’s Day and shone a light on the famine in Africa through Band Aid.

Technology & Innovation

With our partners Brew Media Relations, freuds is well connected within the Technology industry. Brew work with the most innovative technology and digital media companies providing tools and resources to help clients shape and implement their business strategies. From targeted media relations to brand marketing and business development to fundraising support; we can offer an invaluable understanding of the ever-evolving technology landscape, with Brew offices in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Luxury & Lifestyle

Some brands stand for the better things in life. We work with some of the most high-profile clients across the spectrum to deliver campaigns to fit niche audiences, as well as bringing some of that luxury into larger scale operations. We recognise that luxury and lifestyle brands have their reputations at their core and we work with brands in travel, fashion and art to build trust and status. Our team understands the demands of this world, and delivers world-class results.

Leadership Counsel

We specialise in advising chief executives and business owners, in situations including crisis, management of change, strategic direction and reputational challenge. We help our clients and their organisations to reach their full potential. We are honest, supportive, discreet and have decades of experience to offer.

Design & Visual Identity

Here at freuds, we specialise in creative design. Our skills vary across different platforms, including print and digital. Areas of expertise include branding, illustration, editorial and book design. We have the experience to see a project through and execute it with the utmost attention to detail accompanied with a high standard of design. Whether a re-brand is the solution, or a set of beautifully crafted illustrations for an exhibition is needed; we can deliver the creative solution.


The summer of 2012 confirmed to us, the agency for the Olympic and Paralympic games, that sport has the power to influence and inspire people everywhere. Our work with the world’s largest sports brands has given us unique and formidable insight into the transformative power of sports and its role in society. Our sports specialists excel at strategic partnerships, brands narrative, creative sponsorships and maximizing return on investment in talent.

Food & Drink

‘There is no sincerer love than the love of food’. So said George Bernard Shaw, and we agree. The last thirty years has seen an unprecedented transformation in society’s relationship with food and drink, with a new web of complex issues and opportunities to challenge and excite. Our work in this area has been ground-breaking and award-winning, from the frying pan of front-page coverage to the fire of behind-the-scenes crisis management.

Internal Communications

For most firms, their employees are their most important and more expensive asset. Attracting and motivating the best talent is crucial to business success. Your people are also a vital communications asset. freuds uses insight to understand what motivates employees to commit themselves to a company, and works with firms to align the interests and motivation of owners, employees and other stakeholders.

Global Event Management

Successfully crafting, capturing, curating and distributing content from major media-facing events to the global media is a balance of technical skill and the art of storytelling. Since 1985, freuds has managed and coordinated national and global media for events ranging in size from commercial launches and red-carpet ceremonies to global-scale projects that unite the world, reaching from Davos to Dublin and Delhi to Dubai.

Media Amplification

A great campaign isn’t always enough. A big megaphone matters in bringing your message to the right audience. With over 30 years of experience, freuds runs expert, proactive and reactive press offices, product launches and advertising and partnership amplification, ensuring that when you speak, people will listen.

Media Training

‘Do you have any questions for my answers?’ So said Henry Kissinger after one particularly confident interview. Coherent interaction with the media takes training, insight and experience. Today, in an age of distractions and insta-news often driven by just 140 characters at a time, developing style and substance is harder than ever. Our world-class team and facilities will help you ensure you get your points across, regardless of your audience or interviewer.

Crisis & Reputation Management

We live in an age of transparency and intense media scrutiny. Managing your reputation is a proactive endeavour, which requires energy, creativity and careful marketing. We protect and enhance reputations for companies and individuals. We enjoy unparalleled media connectivity, and we provide calm and independent advice in a crisis.

Global Asset Management

Campaigns are only as good as the assets they have beneath them - ideas mean nothing without usable collateral. At freuds, we know how to maximise the value of every last picture, video and tweet.
In this global, digital age, you only get one chance to be seen and make your campaign all it should be. We conceive, develop and manage the release of a campaign’s creative assets for global deployment, working with a network of partners to secure attention from every point on the compass.