It’s been part of our DNA for 35 years, from Live Aid and Comic Relief to Make Poverty History, Live 8 and the Global Goals.

Today, with change all around us, and more change desperately needed, people, organisations, businesses and brands face increasingly complex challenges at an accelerated pace.

These challenges present threats and opportunities that are often hard to distinguish from each other, with a vanishingly thin margin for error.

To navigate the current climate takes agility, and expertise. Couple this with passion, and you can connect the dots in ways others can’t. That’s what we do. That’s what we call Love & Work.

Love & Work. Together. For good.

freuds sits at the heart of The Brewery – a family of businesses with different expertise, united by a shared worldview and sense of mission.

Love & Work are our cornerstones; two of the most significant elements in our lives. We believe that Love & Work should be intertwined with one another. It’s an AND, not an OR. We love what we do, and do what we love.

To achieve this balance, we choose to work with clients that want to do things differently, and we assemble teams of passionate specialists from a huge variety of backgrounds, all experienced in solving tricky problems.

Our teams are uniquely assembled to look at things from a different angle and connect the dots in a way others can’t.

freuds is honoured to have been awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for our commitment to Sustainable Development.

The Sustainable Development Award is given to commercially successful products, services and management that benefit the environment, society and the economy.

The role of communications and marketing in sustainability has never been more important and increasingly we are helping brands and businesses to understand their social responsibility, and then act on it in a creative and impactful way.

For more information about the Award, please click here.

freuds is proud to be a certified B-Corp.

freuds is the largest global communications company to “meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.”

View our 2021 Annual Report and 2020 Annual Report.

Cause-related communications has been in our DNA for 35 years. 

What began with Live Aid and Comic Relief, led to Make Poverty History, Live 8 and the launch of (RED). We’ve supported Refugees, the Environment and Sustainability, Maternal Health, Gender Equality, Education, Healthcare and Behaviour Change.  

In 2015, our mission was redefined, with the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals alongside Richard Curtis, Project Everyone and the United Nations. A cause that became a part of who we are and highlights where we want to go. 

freuds is on a mission. Let’s reshape the world together. 

freuds’ workspaces include Stephen Street in London, The Brewery at Burford, and Greenwich Street, New York.

The Goals Houses are pop-up venues during The World Economic Forum, Davos; Cannes Lions Festival, Cannes; and the UN General Assembly, New York – which host ground-breaking debate and discussions in order to reach the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals.