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KFC Wrapuette


April 29, 2022
KFC Wrapuette

Bazaar helped KFC launch a £198 insulated leather handbag for the British market, designed to be able to hold one of the chicken chain’s Twister Wraps.

The “Wrapuette”, inspired by the Baguette bag of the 2000s which was popularised by fashion brands such as Fendi, Dior and Gucci, is being sold as a limited edition via KFC’s online shop.

All proceeds will go to the KFC Foundation which, it says, “supports grassroots non-profit organisations that empower young people across the UK, helping them to fulfil their potential and build a positive future”.

The handbag comes in pebbled or textured leather in KFC’s signature tomato red, and features a monochrome image of Colonel Sanders and a Y2K-style set of letter charms spelling KFC. It is lined with an insulating layer to keep food warm.

KFC says it is running a waiting list for the bag. A spokesperson for KFC would not reveal the quantity produced, saying “numbers are extremely exclusive for now”. They added that the bag was “made from Italian leather and handcrafted on Savile Row”.