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Mars Sheba HOPE Reef


May 5, 2021
Mars Sheba HOPE Reef

Freuds was tasked with unveiling Sheba Hope Reef - the world’s largest coral reef restoration project - to the world, raising awareness of Mars and Sheba’s long-standing commitment to ocean health. The reef, which can be seen on Google Earth, was initially built to spell the word H-O-P-E

Freuds completed a 360 earned campaign, working to deliver a timeline of media activity. When the initial press trip strategy inevitably had to pivot due to the pandemic, we decided if we couldn’t take people to the reef, we’d take the reef to them – and with the help of Proud Robinson - the ‘press trip in a box’ was born – a portable experience box with contents designed to fully immerse the receiver (media and influencers) into Sheba’s reef restoration efforts and bring it to life in a unique way using innovative AR technology.